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Altrubanc is a service and an environment in which students can get help from sponsors in repaying student loans. For a small annual fee students may exhibit their qualities, academics, accomplishments, and plans in order to solicit assistance with loan repayment. Student profiles contain whatever information the student wants and can be updated or changed whenever the student chooses.

Sponsors support students through donations to student accounts. Donations are held until graduation and then they’re paid directly to loan holders over two years. Sponsors have as much, or as little, to do with choosing beneficiaries as they’d like to have. Benefits include a platform for altruism, advertising, recruiting, and the guarantee that 100% of every donation will be used for its intended purpose. If a sponsored student does not graduate, all of the support can be reallocated to other students.

Altrubanc provides the tools to make every process as easy as possible for every person involved.



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